Amanda Mintz

We believe in purpose-driven values & EQUITABLE & INCLUSIVE org charts. 
We worship brands who value DIVERSE TEAMS & offer hybrid work options & MODERN BENEFITS.


Nothing brings us bigger butterflies than the simpatico CONNECTIONS we strike
between our clients & perfect-fit talent.


We are ULTRA-CONNECTORS & brick by brick, we work to build dream teams.
We know that RELATIONSHIPS ARE EVERYTHING, & that people are the beating
heart of the most exceptional places to work.

AMCM’s hyper-connected community is the new reality of recruitment. Hiring a traditional ‘headhunter’ is a stale approach. Outdated recruitment methods are way out of touch and today’s rapidly changing creative world demands a unique method customized to every client.


We are HEART-CENTERED & HIGH INTEGRITY. We work strategically & intuitively. We don’t FORCE, rush or try to fit square pegs into round holes for the sake of closing a fast deal. We tap into all of our assets to elevate our clients in every way.


We have helped clients launch AWARD-WINNING creative & marketing campaigns, reach double-digit revenue GROWTH, & even watched them ring the bell with PRIDE as they went public.

Whether you are a founder, hiring manager, or talent looking for your dream role, we invite you to confidently look to us. Our shared goal is to create opportunity for CREATIVES & BRANDS through an ULTRA-COLLABORATIVE approach.


Team Design

Talent Acquisition & Strategy
Strategic Partnerships
Business development


Speaking & Moderating
Brand Ambassador

Am_ICON_D Grey Black

Executive C-Suite all areas – Sustainability – E-Commerce
Creative Direction – Art Direction & Graphic Design
Marketing – Digital, CRM, Experiential – Editorial & Content
Copywriting – Creative Operations & Production – Social Media
Strategy – Events – Human Resources – Project Management

We work hard to shape diverse constellations of top talent.
From fashion to fintech, DESIGNERS to digital, consumer brands to START-UPS, we have you covered.

Beauty & WELLNESS leaders, lifestyle & health HEROES areou our speed dial.
Sustainability, FEMALE-FOUNDED & purpose driven VC firms circle our ORBIT.

There’s a quiet revolution underway in the creative world. I believe traditional recruitment isn’t just broken — it’s becoming irrelevant …

When you think of a job that is “Creative”, the opportunities are endless. It encompasses everything from design, to fine arts …

“Amanda has been a crucial partner in building out the
creative team at Milk Makeup.”

Georgie Greville

C0-Founder, Creative Director Milk Makeup

A core value of AMCM is to serve. Giving back to a few of our most loved CHARITIES each year is always our PRIORITY.

Amanda is a multi-faceted, progressive businesswoman and has been lauded in the talent acquisition industry for her innate “sixth sense”, deep network and impeccable track record. She is a purpose driven leader specializing in building dream teams and connecting extraordinary talent from start -ups to Fortune 500 brands across a diverse industry set.

Amanda is the ultimate connector and thrives on uplifting others, human connections and creating meaningful experiences. She establishes partnerships that are authentic, and most importantly, alignments that drive business and yield a strong ROI. Amanda is a champion for women in business and working mothers. She has advised for the CFDA and serves as a mentor for Colgate University’s Entrepreneur and Innovation Program, “Thought into Action”. She is an angel investor, member of Female Founder Collective, HER Global, Entreprenista Network and an ambassador for Lioness Leadership.She lives life as an Adventure Capitalist. Amanda brings energy and effervescence to everything she does in her day to day; from hosting her podcast and in her biggest role as a present mother to Isabella, her proudest accomplishment.Amanda prioritizes wellness, fitness and is an outdoors enthusiast.